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Appointment System

To give you the right kind of appointment, our team will ask you some questions about your health problem. They will share this information with our doctors, paramedics, and nurses. This team will look at your request and decide what to do next. We try to get back to you within 48 hours. You might get a phone call the same day to ask for more details or to set up an in-person appointment.

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A face-to-face appointment usually lasts 15 minutes. For phone appointments, you'll get a message telling you to expect a call. The clinician will try to call you twice, with a 30-minute gap between calls. If they can't reach you the first time, they will send a text to let you know they will try again.


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Get the most out of your appointment with the GP.

Make the most of your appointment with the doctor.

We ask that you talk about one patient and one problem at a time. If you need to discuss another patient or problem, you might need to book another appointment. If you have more than one problem, tell the doctor at the beginning so they can decide what to focus on first. This helps keep everyone’s waiting time shorter and ensures your safety.

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