How to Book



1 - Speak to a Pharmacist

Your pharmacy can help you with minor illnesses without needing an appointment. Please talk to a pharmacist first.


2 - Routine Appointments

Do you have a non-urgent problem and can wait 1-2 weeks to be seen?

If so, here's how you can book:


3 - Urgent (Same Day)

If you have an urgent medical problem and need to be seen on the same day, please call the practice on 01903 826926 and talk to a member of our team.

Click here to learn more about out appointment system.

For same-day appointments, our team will ask you about your medical problem. If needed, you will be offered a telephone or face-to-face appointment for that day.


4 - Life Threatening - Go to A&E

If you or someone you know has a life-threatening condition, such as passing out, sudden confusion, chest pain, or trouble breathing, you should call 999.

In an emergency call 999 - Emergencies are situations that cannot be managed at home and may be life threatening.