Prescription Information




If you are requesting medicine that is not on your repeat prescription list, please fill out the reason section to help speed up the process. Remember, we are not giving out more than two months' worth of prescriptions at a time.

Let us know your chosen pharmacy so we can send your prescription directly to them. This will save you a trip.

If you are requesting something not on your repeat list, the doctor needs a reason for the request. Without this, you might not get the prescription. This is for safety and helps speed up the process for non-repeat items.

For safety, we do not accept requests for repeat medication over the phone.


Contraceptive Pill

If you need a prescription for the contraceptive pill, please fill out this form:
Contraceptive Pill Form


Ordering Prescriptions Online

You can use our online services to order repeat prescriptions if you are registered: 

Please note: You can order Warfarin/Methotrexate prescriptions online, but we need to monitor these medicines closely.


Note: we trust our local pharmacists to provide a safe service.  We do not recommend any companies that provide online or postal services for repeat medication.


Repeat Prescribing Protocol

Repeat prescriptions save time for both patients and doctors. They are given instead of a larger supply of medication during regular reviews. This system should be convenient and cost-effective for both patients and the practice.

Our goal is to have repeat prescriptions ready within five working days. If you want your prescription sent directly to a pharmacist, we can do that. If you provide a stamped, addressed envelope, we will mail the prescription back within two working days.

Currently, we accept requests in writing, by fax, or using the internet. Telephone requests are allowed in certain cases after discussing it with a doctor, like for housebound patients.

We aim to provide 28 or 56 days of medication, depending on the situation. Sometimes, patients need medication early for convenience, like for holidays. However, if patients misuse their medication, they will need to see a doctor.

All patients on regular medication need to be reviewed by a doctor at times. If a review is overdue, we will remind the patient.

All prescriptions must be legible and accurate. We aim to have all repeat prescriptions recorded on the computer. A doctor must check and sign all prescriptions.

We inform patients about waiting times for prescriptions by notices in reception and in the practice leaflet. The Senior Receptionist monitors this to ensure prescriptions are processed and signed on time.


Prescribing Diazepam for fear of flying: 

Patients sometimes ask for diazepam for fear of flying, but prescribing this drug is not recommended for several reasons:

  1. Diazepam is a sedative, which means it makes you sleepy and relaxed. In an emergency, this could impair your ability to react and follow instructions, which is dangerous for you and others.

  2. Sedatives can increase the risk of developing blood clots (DVT) because you move less in your sleep. Blood clots can be very dangerous and even fatal, especially on flights longer than 4 hours.

  3. While most people find diazepam calming, some people may become more agitated and aggressive. It can also lead to disinhibition, causing you to act in ways you normally wouldn't, which can be unsafe and get you into trouble with the law.

  4. According to guidelines, benzodiazepines like diazepam are not allowed for treating phobias. Prescribing them for flying fear would be against these guidelines. If you have severe anxiety, you should seek proper care for your mental health, not take a flight.

  5. Diazepam is illegal in some countries, and carrying it might get you in trouble with the police.

  6. Diazepam stays in your system for a long time. If your job requires drug testing, you might fail after taking diazepam.

We understand that fear of flying is very real. A better approach is to take a Fear of Flying course run by airlines. Here are some courses you can consider.